Our First Blog

Taylor Small

This is our first blog, and so far this is a big step for us as a small business. We have never done anything this big before and are excited to see how it turns out. Although, even where we are, this business, at the moment, has gone much further than we expected. Our business is also a charity, and for every sock monster sold we donate a pair of socks to a local homeless shelter.

We were recently asked what advice we would give to someone who wants to start a business, which got us thinking. Our response was, just try. We know that everyday the common phrases, never give up, always do your best, persist, are thrown in our faces, but with little impact. When your taking a test and struggling, you don't think 'never give up' because it is overused, and therefore lost its true meaning. We think that you should know when to give up. It may sound negative, but it is actually better than the usual sayings. It means at any point business can be slow, but that does not mean that the business is a flop. On the other hand you need to know when to cut your loses. Either you can adjust the product or service that your business provides or you can attempt another business, but don't waste time and effort to maintain a non-successful business. Signs that your business should be altered or not continued, honestly depends on the business itself, so without specific knowledge on the business, no advice can be given. Although, if you are thinking of creating a business, then we would say go for it. Have you ever thought, if only there were (insert requested product) and later you see that item. That means someone thought the same thing and decided to do something about it. In conclusion we think that if you are thinking of creating a business, you should definitely go for it.