Bert (Click for Personality)

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Bert (Click for Personality)

Bert is a baker who owns a small shop in a quaint part of Sockville. He likes to make lots of different breads and his bakery is called Breadfully Delicious. He likes to decorate his aprons as well in different colors and patterns and sometimes patches.

This soft and squishy sock monster will be delivered to your door with a unique appearance, because here at Stolen Socks, you let the sock monster* choose you! Each and every Sock monster is unique and quirky, so none of them will look the same and all of them will be adorable!

* Please note that at this time we can not guarantee color or pattern of the sock monster you receive.  If you have a specific request, please add it to the "Notes" section when you place your order.  Will will try to fulfill the request when possible.